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Please make an appointment* to donate platelets.

By E-mail:

Or call one of our platelet donation scheduling offices:

Tulsa (918) 831-1677
Dallas (972) 241-4483
Wichita Falls (866) 502-5663
Waco (254) 776-8754

* Platelet donation is by appointment only.
Donating Platelets (Apheresis)

Giving Platelets Learn more about Platelets Eligibility Guidelines Type AB Platelet Donors

If your blood type is AB+ or AB-, you are a Universal Platelet Donor!

This means your platelets can be given to anyone in an emergency. (Type O- is the Universal Donor for whole blood donations.)

We are especially in need of your platelet donation if you are type AB+ or AB-. AB is a rare blood type, as only about 3 percent of the population has AB+ and less than 1 percent has AB-!!

We would be grateful for your lifesaving platelet donation. To schedule an appointment to donate platelets at the one of our Blood Centers, please e-mail,
or call one of our platelet donation scheduling offices, Tulsa (918) 831-1677, Dallas (972) 241-4483 or Wichita Falls (866) 502-5663. The process takes about two hours. The platelet donation center is open a variety of hours, including Saturdays and Sundays, so you can pick a suitable time for your schedule. Tulsa Platelet Center location and hours.
Dallas Platelet Center location and hours.
Wichita Falls Platelet Center location and hours.
Waco Platelet Center location and hours.

As a special feature, platelet donors can choose to watch a movie or TV with personal headphones while their donation is completed! Thank you for giving this very special gift of life!